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Author: Zay The Beast
Article: Never Too Much
When it comes to catching men, don’t use the bait and switch approach. Be yourself but make it known you are available without showing too much hook-er. Knowing how to dress the part is critical when you know what type of man you plan on attracting at a function. If you are having a hard time converting meet and greets to suitable counterparts maybe you haven’t been dressing for success. There are several factors to keep in mind when deciding on what to wear on a date or girls night out. Think about what will be happening that night as well as what areas you are highlighting. You wouldn’t wear a mini skirt to everything in life regardless of how cute it is. Bring attention above the neck if you want a man to focus on the real you. 
Every man is different but most appreciate natural beauty when it comes to make up. Any woman can catch a man with make up on but what do you look like beneath all the powders and creams? By all means make yourself up but don’t overdo it. Allow your true essence to shine while making yourself available. This will keep you from feeling as if you need to be made up all the time once you do hook the man you have been hunting. 
Speaking of hunting, let’s talk intentions. What are you intending to do with the man you catch besides the obvious? Do you want a companion on activities or are you a home body just out for the weekend? Take your overall intent into account when deciding on outfits. Dress to impress but look your true self. Never do too much to get attention because all attention isn’t good attention, even if you feel you deserve it. 
So all this to say what? Sexy can be elegant and classy without exposing too much. A man that knows women will be able to appreciate your body from head to toe without you having to expose your entire leg. If you decide to go with dresses or skirts, keep them at a moderate level. There’s nothing wrong with mid-thigh, just make sure it allows you to move freely so you can be active. Your dress or skirt should allow you to dance, accentuate your heels and even bend over without worry. If you can’t do these things you basically dressed to be a human statue. 
It also helps to be realistic about your cup size. Men do enjoy seeing a bit of flesh up top but don’t over indulge them. If they start at your shoes and can’t seem to get their eyes passed your chest, you have basically done hair or make up for nothing. Their fantasy has started already. Although this may get you out of a traffic citation, it may get you into trouble during your man hunt. The point is to accent your features not pin point them. 
So now you know you are the bomb. You walk in and all eyes are on you. Don’t be the one who turns her nose up at every guy because again “all eyes are on you”. Sometimes the one you want won’t approach because he feels you are too prissy and he has seen you crush 10 guys to pebbles. He refuses to be number 11 on your hit list but in actuality he would have been the only one leaving with your number. 
Article: Independent Women
A few years ago I made an active decision to give more attention to the artistic abilities of women. For some strange reason I had a hunch that the so called emotional rollercoaster many women go through provided a non comparable creative approach to the lyricism and emotions invoked in their music. Honestly speaking, I was very impressed as I had never really been one to listen to many female artists nor write many songs directed towards my female audience. On my musical discovery I soon realized I prefer to listen to more of the things created by women because I feel they discuss a wide variety of topics since they are not necessarily placed inside creative cliche boxes or expected to follow a current trend. Below is a list in no particular order of a few independent women (no pun intended), that I enjoy playlisting and routinely listening to. 

Sorry X
We have been following the sounds of Phoenix, Arizona native Sorry X for a few years. She is actually one of the first blooming artists we discovered on our quest. There was just something about the way her serene voice harmonized with the instrumentation on her single “Drown” that made us want to hear more. Over the last couple of years we have watched this artist bloom from the girl around the corner who can sing to the woman who pours her heart out on every song. 
In 2019 she released her EP “All Grown Up” which features many songs that creatively remind you of childhood memories by putting a spin on several of the cartoons we all grew up watching every weekend. If we could choose one song that would make you a fan instantly it would be “Tom and Jerry”. Her creative approach to the cat and mouse chase for love is mind blowing. Throughout the rest of 2019, Sorry X released several additional singles to compliment the EP including the songs “Fading” and “Even Stevens”  as well as featuring on numerous projects for other artists. She brought 2020 in with a  bang providing a fresh EP with more emotion entitled “Lost In Translation”. At this point, you could hear her comfort level with her artistic abilities growing substantially. Some of our highlight songs from the project include “Changed My Mind” and “Kiss My Wrists”. Lost in Translation also features the single “Even Stevens” which we feel was a smart decision. There is just something about the song that fits the entire mood of the EP with no questions asked. Despite the face mask frenzy Sorry X is still working just as hard and releasing new music such as “Bloom” and “Pulling Teeth” as well as her latest single “Left Behind”. Be sure to take several listens to her music and support her on social media. (

Alex Blair
We recently ran into the sounds of the soulful singer Alex Blair who represents Portland, Maine but currently resides in Dallas, Tx and goes by the alternate name of Blayr. Although we missed the opportunity to see one of her live performances on her 32 city tour in 2019, we did not miss the opportunity to indulge in her EP entitled “Taste” which was released in 2017. Upon pressing the play button the immediate reaction was ditch the standard ear pods for the noise cancelling headphones to allow this artist the full attention respect she deserves. Something we find uniquely attractive about this project is the way Alex Blair captures the true jazz feeling and doesn’t take any shortcuts on having the perfect live musicianship to accompany her vocal abilities. The song “Taste” has a sensual tone to it that immediately makes us want to know more about the personality of this artist, so we wandered over to the official music video and were captivated by the creative concept that is comically unmatched as it touches on the topic in it’s own way. Definitely a must watch feature. The song “Thinkin” provides literally non stop head bobbing action throughout the entire piece giving listeners something to dance to without necessarily thinking about it. Another feature we tend to appreciate in artists is versatility which Alex Blair truly provides on songs like “I Need Your Love”, a powerful reminder of the 1980’s musical era with those eccentric synth chord progressions stimulated by a bouncy bass line. There are other notable songs included on the Taste EP like “Faithful”, a soulful description of the highly desired woman who enjoys the attention although it may not be the best idea in that particular situation. Creative at minimal. We also enjoyed the jazzy song “Lost In It” but we will allow you to become lost in the sounds of Alex Blair on your own by visiting her official website. Be sure to support her “Taste” EP on streaming sites everywhere and following her on social media. (

Roxanna Redfoot
Our discovery of Roxanna Redfoot can be accredited to our model search as she is a professional model and actress from Dallas, Tx but that should not take anything away from her musical abilities. As looks can be deceiving, she has a cute as kittens face but once you dive into the sounds of her EDM creations this cuteness begins to have a sinisterness to it which can be heard clearly on her 2019 “Sense of Urgency” album.  The project features a truly feminine anthem of sorts in it’s own right entitled “Clumping Cat Litter” that we enjoy as the chant style vocal chops provide an aura of contentment to attaining success on a personal level. Mysteriously enough Sense of Urgency also provides an almost gothic sounding feature song “PatheticGirl23 Has Signed Into The Chat” that immediately identifies with the title without the use of words. Roxanna Redfoot did’t stop there, as she released her 2020 album “Numbers Don’t Lie” which featured an entrancing rhythmic song inclusive of melodic wobble basses called “Villita St.”. This song definitely takes you on a journey through the historical Villita St. to say the least. Another interesting conceptual song from this album is “Enantiomer”, which by actual definition of the word provides a mirrored light and dark energy that stimulates instantaneous musical hypnotism balanced with a subtle R&B vibe midway thru the composition to balance things to delight. Another creation we enjoy that is not featured on one of her current albums is “In My Feelings”, but this can be heard on her soundcloud stream via her official website. Be sure to support her on all major streaming sites as well as social media after visiting her official website. (

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